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APCLC Research Fellow Dr Tang Hay Hang Hayes
won General Research Fund (GRF) Grant

APCLC Research Fellow Dr Tang Hei Hang Hayes won GRF Grant of HK$548,064, funded by Research Grants Council, the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The research grant is for a 24-month study entitled "Reconsidering Academic Entrepreneurialism in East Asia: Diverse Voices and Critical Insights from the Academic Profession of Flagship Universities”. The study aims to:

1. Map the extent to which academic entrepreneurialism has been adapted and currently manifested in the institutional context
and policies of East Asian flagship universities;
2. Identify how the academic profession of East Asian flagship universities make sense of the policies and practices
of academic entrepreneurialism; and
3. Analyse the similarities and differences of the interactions between East Asian flagship universities, the academic profession
and the institutional change in response to academic entrepreneurialism.

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