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APCLC Directors Dr Qian Haiyan and Prof Allan Walker
won General Research Fund (GRF) Grant

APCLC Directors Dr Qian Haiyan and Prof Allan Walker won GRF Grant of HK$543,500, funded by Research Grants Council, the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The research grant is for a 24-month study entitled "An Exploration of the Role of Leadership in Successful Systemic Improvement in China”. The study aims to:

1. Investigate the role of different levels of leadership in designing and deploying educational infrastructure towards systemic improvement
in Mainland China;
2. Explore the characteristics of socio-cultural, political and educational systems that facilitate and inhibit the exercise of system leadership;
3. Develop rich case studies that explicate complex relationships between system leadership, educational infrastructure
and systemic improvement; and
4. Draw lessons about executing leadership and designing and deploying infrastructure that may have implications
for leading systemic reforms in Hong Kong and other societies.

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