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APCLC Research Fellow provided policy advisory
to the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) member countries

As part of APO’s initiative to discuss a new education model focusing on worker agility and maximizing the contributions of human capital, the APO organized a forum on the Impact of Education Policies on National Productivity Growth in Manila, 14–17 August 2018. APCLC Research Fellow, Dr Choi Taehee was invited as one of the six APO international resource persons providing consultancy on refining education policies and development to APO member countries.

Dr. Choi delivered three addresses: (1) The Future of Public Education in Partnership with the Private Sector: Issues and Possible Policy Solutions; (2) Impactful Educational Policies: Incorporating Contextual Factors in Their Design and Implementation; (3) Re-conceptualising Teacher Expertise in the 21st Century and Its Evaluation. The presentations have been well received by thirty-five policy makers and think-tank researchers from 11 APO country members. Dr. Choi also led group discussions and action planning afterward for the participants to apply their new knowledge to designing new reforms or revising planned and ongoing educational reforms. Through the forum, she was invited to some follow-up projects, including advisory to help revise teacher education and appraisal programmes in Iran.

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