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APCLC Co-Director won Faculty of Education and Human Development (FEHD) 2017/18
Quality Book Award

APCLC Co-Director Dr Qian Haiyan’s most recent book ‘Deciphering Chinese School Leadership: Conceptualization, Context and Complexities’ (co-authored with Allan Walker) won the 2017/18 FEHD Quality Book Award.

The FEHD Quality Journal Article and Book Awards is to recognize and encourage outstanding writing and publishing. Each summer the FEHD announces the winners of quality journal article(s) and book(s) awards. The programme has very high standards of fairness and objectivity. The winners are chosen by a panel of senior leaders, educators, academics of FEHD. Once selected, the articles and books are publicized through wire service stories, press releases, and announcements at related websites.

This year the FEHD Quality Book Award goes to Dr Qian Haiyan’s ‘Deciphering Chinese School Leadership: Conceptualization, Context and Complexities’ – it is an evidenced-based book which expands indigenous understandings about school leadership in non-Western societies and provokes re-examination of some deeply-held, taken-for-granted assumptions about good leadership practices in the Western context. It serves as an important reference for anyone who is interested in educational leadership, comparative education, education policy and educational development in contemporary China.