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APCLC Directors Give Invited Presentations at Mainland China Universities

Prof. Allan Walker (Joseph Lau Chair Professor of International Educational Leadership, Director of APCLC and Dean of FEHD) and Dr Qian Haiyan (Co-Director of APCLC) are invited to give presentations to leaders and academics at universities of Mainland China - Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Northwest Normal University and Central China Normal University this summer.

Prof. Walker and Dr Qian’s presentation “Unveiling the complexities of Chinese education: Time to reverse the flow?” is to discuss some of the mysteries around the much-touted recent success of school education in China and to explore some of the key conditions that may underpin the success. By exploring the conditions, they cite research to illustrate what educational research in China (specifically in the area of educational leadership) can contribute to the international knowledge base. They will also indicate some topics that are worthy of further research.