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APCLC-EPL Learning Seminar:
Ethical Dilemmas faced by School Leaders:
What are they? What challenges do they raise? How can they be "managed"?

The APCLC / EPL team will organize a Learning Seminar on “Ethical Dilemmas faced by School Leaders” on November 9, 2017. Details of the seminar below:

Date: November 9, 2017 (Thursday)
Time: 10:00 to 11:30am
Venue: D4-1-20, Tai Po Campus, EdUHK
Speaker: Dr. Neil Cranston
Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Education,
University of Tasmania
Registration / Enquiries: Tel: 2948 8702 or

About the Seminar:
Increasingly, principals are leading their schools in changing and challenging contexts, such that their decision-making is now framed by greater intensification and complexity. This, coupled with the significant people focus of much of their work, means that many of their decisions have multiple response pathways and hence are best considered as dilemmas, some of which generate ethical challenges. These ethical dilemmas - described by one principal as the "bread and butter" of what we do - go to the very heart of the principal's values and beliefs, and indeed potentially to those of the school, the staff, and the parent and community body. Drawing on research with principals, this seminar will explore what we mean by ethical dilemmas, the sorts of challenges they generate and some suggested strategies for "managing" them successfully. A model will be presented that conceptualises the key forces at play and the "actors" involved as school leaders struggle to resolve these ethical dilemmas. Potential consequences and impacts on individuals and schools of particular resolution pathways are also noted.

About Dr. Neil Cranston:
Dr. Neil Cranston was Professor in Educational Leadership and Curriculum in the Faculty of Education, University of Tasmania. He has also held positions as Honorary Professor, The University of Queensland and Adjunct Professor, Department of Education, Unitec Institute, New Zealand. Before joining the university sector, he held various positions in the Queensland Department of Education at regional and central office levels. His research interests include educational leadership, school principalship, organisational change, aspiring and middle-level leaders, and ethical dilemmas faced by leaders. He has also researched the purposes of education, and student retention in schooling beyond the compulsory years.