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Invited Presentation for the Asian Development Bank
and the HEAD Foundation, Singapore

Prof. Allan Walker, Director of APCLC and Dean of Faculty of Education and Human Development, EdUHK, is invited to give presentation at the leader learning programme for the Asian Development Bank and the HEAD Foundation, Singapore. The programme is for mid-level officials and experts from a small number of ASEAN member countries so that they can develop a better understanding about key features behind school features benchmarking and the monitoring of school performance. This enhanced understanding would then be a basis for strengthening quality and improvement of their own national student assessment systems.

Prof. Walker’s presentation “Leaders’ Development for Tomorrow’s Schools” focuses on the enactment of leadership in schools, it has four aims.  The first is to pose four future-oriented questions which face regional education systems. These form part of the larger context faced by leaders of tomorrows schools.  The second aim is to recall some of what we know about successful school leadership.  The third aim is to suggest a further set of questions confronting leaders in future schools as they navigate the multiple cultural realities of their communities.  Developing intercultural competence is seen as an essential skill and mindset for leaders in future schools across the region. The fourth aim is to suggest that successful leaders of future school are those who are able to work simultaneously between the known, the needed, and the unknown.