Reading Hong Kong Series

Reading Hong Kong Series

To promote discussion and knowledge transfer in Hong Kong society, The Academy of Hong Kong Studies and the Commercial Press regularly organizes the "Reading Hong Kong Series" seminars. We will select important works on Hong Kong society in recent years and invites the authors to share their writing experience.

2021 activity - Reading Hong Kong "Hong Kong Popular Song"


2020 activity Facebook Live - Reading Hong Kong "Worlding Hong Kong Popular Culture"

2019 activity snapshots - Reading Hong Kong from the perspectives of social sciences, history and cultural studies

Prof. Chiu Wing Kai Stephen (Co-director of The Academy of Hong Kong Studies) & Prof. Yep Kin Man Ray (Professor of Department of Public Policy, City University of Hong Kong)


<<香港史新編>> (增訂版)


Prof. Chu Yiu Wai Stephen


2018 acitivity snapshots - Studying Hong Kong Multiethnic-ness

Islam and China's Hong Kong: Ethnic Identity, Muslim Networks and the New Silk Road
Dr. HO Wai Yip (Associate Professor, Department of Social Sciences, EdUHK)


Dr Kwok Kim, Dr Law Kam Yee


Ms Femmi Wong


2017 acitivity snapshots - Studying Hong Kong in English

Hong Kong’s Global Financial Centre and China’s Development / Professor Stephen Cheung


Making Sense of Education in Post-Handover Hong Kong / Professor Thomas Tse


Media Power in Hong Kong: Hyper-Marketized Media and Cultural Resistance / Dr Cheung Chi Wai


2016 activity snapshots – Hong Kong History


群力勝天:戰前香港碼頭苦力與華人社區的管治 / 姚穎嘉博士 (香港高等教育科技學院特任導師)





足球王國:戰後初期的香港足球 / 李峻嶸博士 (香港理工大學香港專上學院講師)





止戈為武:中華武術在香江 / 麥勁生教授 (香港浸會大學歷史系教授)