Professional Development Programmes(for in-service teachers - free programme)

[The application of 2020/2021 entry is closed]
Programme Code: BWP126

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This programme is a specified/ acceptable Refresher Training courses commissioned/ funded by the Education Bureau (EDB). Please visit the EDB’s website for details.
The programme aims at equipping school teachers with sound knowledge of Hong Kong society so as to strengthen their competence and confidence in the delivery of Hong Kong-related topics in classes. On completion of the programme, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the concepts, issues and perspectives essential for understanding Hong Kong society;
  • Apply a historical and multi-disciplinary approach in examining the development and transformation of Hong Kong society; and
  • Make use of inquiry approaches and qualitative / quantitative techniques to carry out mini-research projects about the development and transformation of Hong Kong.

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SSC5239 Hong Kong in a Macro and Historical Perspective (1841 - 1970)  

Hong Kong in Transition (1970 - 1997)

SSC5241 The Contemporary Social, Economic and Political Issues in Hong Kong


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Programme Handbook (Class 2)

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