Hong Kong Studies Annual Conference


Hong Kong Studies Annual Conference (HKSAC) aims at bringing together the Hong Kong studies research community and promoting exchange, sharing and collaboration of Hong Kong-focused research.  We also wish to make best use of this annual occasion for honoring outstanding papers in different disciplines of Hong Kong studies.  For this purpose, a Review Panel comprising of distinguished scholars was formed to identify and recommend outstanding papers the five major streams of Hong Kong studies, i.e. politics and law, sociology, communication, history and arts & culture. 

The composition of the Review Panel is as follows:

Chairman:   Prof. Lui Tai-lok (EdUHK)
Members:    Prof. Chiu Wing-kai, Stephen (CUHK)
       Prof. Chu Yiu-wai (HKU)
       Prof. Lee Lap-fung, Francis (CUHK)
       Prof. Mak King-sang, Ricardo (HKBU)
       Prof. Yep Kin-man, Ray (CityU)
Secretary:   Dr. Fong Chi-hang, Brian (EdUHK)

The first Conference was held on 20 January 2017.  Please refer to the poster and programme rundown for details.