Global Research Network on Comparative Territorial Autonomies

Global Research Network on Comparative Territorial Autonomies

The “Global Research Network on Comparative Territorial Autonomies” (GRN-CTA) is an academic network dedicated to fostering cross-regional, interdisciplinary research collaborations in the field of comparative autonomy studies.

Supported by the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong* and currently based in The Academy of Hong  Kong Studies at The Education University of Hong Kong, the GRN-CTA coordinates a network of scholars and researchers from territorial autonomies worldwide on the implementation of the following research initiatives:

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Dr Brian C.H. Fong
Associate Director and Associate Professor, Academy of Hong Kong Studies, The Education University of Hong Kong
Associate Professor,
Department of Politics,
Kingston University
(Åland Islands)
Associate Professor,
University of Greenland
Head of Section for Investment and One Stop Service Agency, Government of Aceh
PhD student, U
niversity of Basque Country
Waseda University
Researcher, Institute for Gibraltar and Mediterranean Studies, University of Gibraltar
(Greenland and Faroe Islands)
Associate Professor,
University of Copenhagen
Dr Kevin K.W. Ho
Professor of Management Information Systems, University of Guam
(Hong Kong)
Lecturer, The Education University of Hong Kong
(Jammu and Kashmir)
Post-doctoral Researcher, King’s College London
Lecturer, College of Professional and Continuing Education, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
(Northern Ireland)
Associate Lecturer,
University of Exeter
Post-doctoral Fellow,
Academia Sinica
PhD student,
The University of Edinburgh
Associate Professor,
University Malaysia Sabah
Senior Lecturer,
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
(South Tyrol)
Senior Researcher, Institute for Minority Rights, Eurac Research
PhD student,
Istanbul Bilgi University
CTAD is the first-ever comparative dataset that adopts “territorial autonomy” as an explicit unit of analysis. It codes the political, social, and institutional data of territorial autonomies with a view to facilitating comparative, quantitative analysis.
Codebook V1.0:
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Dataset V1.0:
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Citations for the database:

Fong, Brian C.H. et al. 2021. Comparative Territorial Autonomy Database (CTAD), Version 1.0. Hong Kong: The Academy of Hong Kong Studies, The Education University of Hong Kong. Retrieved from:



We welcome university scholars or PhD students worldwide to join our team to help code the data for territorial autonomies currently not covered by the CTAD. Interested parties please write to Dr. Brian C.H. Fong at for more information.

The Routledge Handbook provide an authoritative guide to theoretical and empirical topics of the emerging field of comparative territorial autonomies. By bringing together a team of cutting-edge scholars with interdisciplinary backgrounds, it provides a comprehensive theoretical survey of and a set of empirical case studies for the field. The Routledge Handbook is scheduled to be published by the end of 2021.
IWCTA is an online workshop series that lines-up comparative autonomies scholars worldwide to present their latest findings and to explore future endeavours.
2021 IWCTA: Inaugural Workshop


*The work described was supported by the Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship Scheme from the Research Grants Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China (Project No. EdUHK 38000119).