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  • 所有五星期的在職教師專業進修課程均為教育局認可的複修課程/管理訓練課程。詳情請瀏覽教育局網頁。
  • 成功修畢在職教師專業進修課程之學員,在報讀本校研究生課程時,可申請學分轉移。本校將按情況個別考慮申請。
  • 大部分課程均適合特殊學校教師報讀。

幼稚園 小學 中學
課程編號 課程名稱 備註
CWP005 教師專業進修課程證書(關顧幼兒多元學習需要)
CWP006 教師專業進修課程證書(團隊創新與學校變革領導)
CWP007 教師專業進修課程證書(促進幼兒發展 ─ 與不同背景家庭協作)
CWP009 教師專業進修課程證書(非華語幼兒的中國語文教學)
CWP010 教師專業進修課程證書(促進情緒社交能力:家庭和學校的實踐)
CWP015 教師專業進修課程證書 (幼稚園實用法律知識)
CWP016 教師專業進修課程證書 (幼稚園投訴管理:溝通與調解)
BWP003 小學教師專業進修課程證書(數學教學)
BWP021 小學教師專業進修課程證書(小學的電子學習)
BWP048 Certificate in Professional Development Programme for Primary Teachers of English
(Theme 1: Towards a smooth transition from kindergarten to primary)
(Theme 2: Developing e-resources for reading across the curriculum)
BWP083 提高中國語文教學效益專業進修課程證書
BWP086 教師專業進修課程證書(校本數學學習與課程設計)
BWP104 教師專業進修課程證書(小學副校長培訓)
BWP110 教師專業進修課程證書(小學數學的電子學習)
BWP112 Certificate in Professional Development Programme on e-Learning in Primary English
BWP114 教師專業進修課程證書(小學中文科的電子學習)
BWP123 教師專業進修課程證書(編寫流動應用程式發展運算思維)
BWP129 教師專業進修課程證書 (小學STEM教育的課程設計、教學法及評估)
BWP132 教師專業進修課程證書 (香港生命教育-小學教師深造班)
BWP133 教師專業進修課程證書 (音樂教育)
CWP011 教師專業進修課程證書(視覺藝術教育)
CWP013 教師專業進修課程證書 (評估素養及有效使用評估數據)
BWP020 教師專業進修課程證書(健康校園)
BWP053 教師專業進修課程證書(學校的公民、國民與道德教育)
教師專業進修課程證書(有效的觀課與評課 - 以學校為本位)
BWP067 教師專業進修課程證書(學校的中層領導)
BWP082 為非華語學生而設的中國語文教學專業進修課程證書
BWP088 教師專業進修課程證書(預防及處理青少年校內違規與違法行為)
BWP089 教師專業進修課程證書(學校的實用法律知識)
BWP090 教師專業進修課程證書(知識管理與學校發展)
BWP092 教師專業進修課程證書(體育學與教之新發展範例)
BWP120 教師專業進修課程證書(溝通、調解與投訴管理)
BWP122 教師專業進修課程證書(學校改進與領導)
BWP124 教師專業進修課程證書(發展有效「自主學習」課堂教學模式)
BWP125 Certificate in Professional Development Programme for Teachers of English
(Theme 1: Catering for learner diversity in ELT )
(Theme 2: Effective use of e-resources in the English classroom)
(Theme 3: Developing literacy skills: KS2 to KS3)
(Theme 4: Supporting English language learners with reading difficulties)
BWP127 教師專業進修課程證書(校園正向心理學:推廣精神健康及建構正面學習環境)
BWP130 教師專業進修課程證書(全方位學習的組織與管理)
BWP131 教師專業進修課程證書(體育學與教之科學、科技、工程及數學範疇)
CWP001 教師專業進修課程證書(照顧不同學習需要)基礎班
CWP002 教師專業進修課程證書(照顧不同學習需要)深造班
CWP004 Certificate in Professional Development Programme for English Teachers
(Theme 1: 21st Century approaches to ELT)
(Theme 2: Teaching grammar in context)
CWP012 教師專業進修課程證書 (香港生命教育)
CWP014 教師專業進修課程證書 (科組主任的入門)
BWP012 中學教師專業進修課程證書(數學教學)
BWP036 教師專業進修課程證書(教授通識教育科 - 現代中國)
BWP049 教師專業進修課程證書(初中「生活與社會」課程設計與教學模式)
BWP085 Certificate in Professional Development Programme for Teachers Using English as the Medium of Instruction in Secondary Schools
[Theme: Improving content subject teaching in the English medium]
BWP111 教師專業進修課程證書(中學數學的電子學習)
BWP113 Certificate in Professional Development Programme on e-Learning in Secondary English
BWP116 中學中文科文言經典解讀專業進修課程證書
BWP118 教師專業進修課程證書(生涯規劃與事業輔導)
BWP126 教師專業進修課程證書(香港社會)
BWP128 教師專業進修課程證書(中學中文科的電子學習)
CWP008 教師專業進修課程證書(資訊科技結合科學探究)

Disclaimer - Any aspect of the course and course offerings (including, without limitation, the content of the course and the manner in which the course is taught) may be subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of the University. Without limiting the right of the University to amend the course and its course offerings, it is envisaged that changes may be required due to factors such as staffing, enrolment levels, logistical arrangements and curriculum changes.