Certificate in Professional Development Programme for Teachers of English

(Full-time Block Release)
Programme Code: BWP125

(Choose either one theme)
Theme 1: Process-genre approach 2.0: literacy learning in the digital age
Theme 2: Effective use of e-resources in the English classroom
Theme 3: Supporting English language learners with reading difficulties

Programme Code
Mode of Study
Full-time Block Release
1 Week
Tai Po Campus
Programme Co-ordinator
To be confirmed
Programme Enquiries
Ms Lam Mr Yau
2948 7269 2948 7250

Programme Aims

This programme aims at upgrading teachers’ knowledge and skills in the teaching of English at both primary and secondary level. They will focus on areas of English language knowledge and skills relevant to the current needs of teachers in the local school sector with particular emphasis on the implementation of recent updates in the English language curriculum.

Upon completion of the programme, participants should be able to:

Content Objectives

  • demonstrate an enhanced understanding of aspects of the English language system;
  • demonstrate an enhanced understanding of aspects of the English language learning and teaching;
  • demonstrate an understanding of how this enhanced knowledge is applicable within the Hong Kong primary and secondary curriculum.

Pedagogical Objectives

  • demonstrate enhanced skills in teaching English to Hong Kong primary and secondary students.

Programme Structure

For the 2021-2022 academic year, the course options offered will be as follows:

Course options (3 credit points)

i. Cohort 1
Process-genre approach 2.0: literacy learning in the digital age

This course explores with participants how students can be helped to develop literacy skills to support their English language development in the 21st century classrooms. The course takes a process-genre approach and will explore with participants key genres in the primary and secondary curricula and the planning, implementation and evaluation of English language lessons as well as learning materials to support students’ development of multiliteracies in English.

ii. Cohort 2
Effective use of e-resources in the English classroom

This course introduces a wide range of e-resources and their applications in promoting effective English teaching and learning in Hong Kong primary and secondary schools. The effective evaluation of e-resources is also included. Focus will be given to using e-resources to facilitate arousing students’ interest in English, integrating language skills more effectively, increasing interaction and collaboration between teachers and learners, and assisting learners in beginning to take charge of their own learning. The course includes how e-resources can be integrated with a variety of teaching approaches to tailor a school-based English curriculum suited to the needs of learners. Aims of the English curriculum, including assisting students to be more flexible, independent, motivated and engaged in their learning activities will be addressed. IT resources covered in the course include a variety of websites, software, hardware tools, apps and e-books (including e-textbooks) appropriate to the learning level of both primary and secondary students.

iii. Cohort 3
Supporting English Language Learners with Reading Difficulties

Acquiring an additional language is of vital importance in today’s increasingly globalised world. Some language learners, however, are put in a disadvantaged position due to their reading difficulties. This course aims to help teacher participants to develop an understanding and current knowledge of how teachers can effectively support students with reading difficulties in the language classroom. To achieve this aim, teacher participants will first need to understand the nature and possible causes of reading difficulties, which is a prerequisite for developing a positive teacher attitude and establishing a supportive learning environment. Then teacher participants will be acquainted with current knowledge regarding essential components of effective language teaching and specific up-to-date teaching approaches, techniques and strategies that can effectively meet the needs of students with reading difficulties. Lastly, teacher participants will reflect on existing practice in Hong Kong schools and draw on what they have learned to design teaching and learning activities that suit the needs of all language learners, whether with or without reading difficulties. They will also evaluate activities designed by fellow teacher participants and give suitable recommendations with a view to increasing awareness of considerations necessary for creating supportive learning conditions for learners with reading difficulties in the regular language classroom.

More detailed course outlines can be found in http://www.eduhk.hk/ele/programmes/professional/

Medium of Instruction

All teaching and learning activities will be conducted through the medium of English.

Programme Duration

Cohort 1: 24 May – 30 May 2022
Cohort 2: 15 June - 21 June 2022
Cohort 3: 22 June - 28 June 2022

Registration closes 2 weeks before course commencement

Entrance Requirements

To be eligible for admission, applicants should be:

  1. in-service primary or secondary school English language teachers; and
  2. recommended by school principals.

Remarks: Both English teachers and English panel chairs are welcome.


To be awarded a Certificate of Completion, participants must obtain a pass in all assessment tasks required and successfully fulfill the attendance requirements as stipulated by the programme.