Certificate in Professional Development Programme for Teachers Using English as the Medium of Instruction in Secondary Schools

(Full-time Block Release)
Programme Code: BWP085

Theme: Improving content subject teaching in the English medium

Programme Code
Mode of Study
Full-time Block Release
1 Week
Tai Po Campus
Programme Co-ordinator
To be confirmed
Programme Enquiries
Ms Lam Mr Yau
2948 7269 2948 7250

Programme Aims

This Key Learning Area (KLA) Specific Programme aims to develop teachers' specialised knowledge and classroom skills required to teach their content subjects effectively through English.

By the end of the Programme, participants should be able to:

  • demonstrate an enhanced understanding of aspects of rationale for and principles underlying English medium education in Hong Kong;
  • demonstrate an enhanced understanding of the role of language in learning;
  • demonstrate an awareness of a range of strategies for effective planning and classroom teaching and learning of their own subject through English;
  • demonstrate enhanced knowledge and skills using English as the medium of instruction in their own subject.

Programme Structure

The programme comprises the following course:

Teaching Content Subjects in the English Medium (3 credit points)

The course is based on the principle that language learning is an integral part of subject learning and that language and content cannot be separated. The course will build on participants' knowledge, skills and experiences in teaching their KLAs/ content subjects in the English medium and aims to further promote their effectiveness in the delivery of content knowledge in the English medium. The course reflects the belief that subject teachers should be aware of the role of language in learning, should recognise the demands placed upon students in their negotiation of academic language, and should be able to draw upon a range of strategies to support the development of academic language.

Participants select from one of four KLAs / Content Subjects / Areas to focus their study:

  • Science Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • Personal, Social and Humanities Education (PSHE)
  • Language across Curriculum (LAC)
KLA / Content Subject Topics Explored
Science Education
  • Learn how to explain difficult science concepts to students
  • Learn how to help students talk more in English in the science classroom
  • Learn how to help students read dense science texts
  • Learn how to help students express their science understanding in English, including answering exam questions
Mathematics Education
  • Learn fundamental principles of teaching the three languages of mathematics - the visual (e.g. graphs), the symbolic and the verbal (e.g. word problems)
  • Learn about how the three languages of maths differ from all other 'languages'
  • Explore current text books and the language to help students understand word problems and 'do mathematics'
  • Learn how to maximise student talk
Personal, Social and Humanities Education (PSHE)
  • Learn how to give students access to essential concepts, patterns, and understandings in social science
  • Learn how to provide students with multiple opportunities to interact with you and each other in PSHE lessons
  • Learn how to provide students with opportunities to apply and practice new content knowledge and language skills and structures in PSHE lessons
  • Learn about the different 'languages' of maths, science and PSHE
  • Learn how to help subject teachers be more 'language-aware'
  • Learn how to help subject teachers help their students to learn through English
  • Learn how to maximise student talk
  • Learn how to organise and work with a team to make LAC work in school

More detailed course outlines can be found in http://www.eduhk.hk/ele/programmes/professional/

Programme Duration

The programme is tentatively offered once a year, from 1 June to 8 June 2022.

Registration closes 2 weeks before course commencement

Entrance Requirements

To be eligible for admission, applicants should be:

  1. serving secondary school teachers; and
  2. recommended by their respective school principal

Remarks: Both teachers and panel chairs are welcome.


To be awarded a Certificate of Completion, participants must obtain a pass in all assessment tasks required and successfully fulfill the attendance requirements as stipulated by the programme.