Programme Information

Programme Information

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Certificate in Professional Development Programme on Enhancing Curriculum Planning and Teaching of Life and Society in Junior Secondary Curriculum

(Full-time Block Release)
Programme Code: BWP049

Programme Code: BWP049
Mode of Study: Full-time Block Release
Duration: 5 Weeks
Venue: Tai Po Campus
Programme Co-ordinator: Dr Eric king-man Chong
Programme Enquiries: 2948 7707 or 2948 8053 (Ms Lee)

Programme Aims

Participants will be equipped with the pedagogical skills and subject knowledge and concepts needed to teach the Life and Society (Secondary 1-3) curriculum or related subjects in the junior secondary school curriculum, the Basic Law and the principles underlying “One Country, Two Systems”. It also aims at enhancing the participants’ pedagogical literacy and competency that suit the school-based curriculum development and implementation of this integrated and inter-disciplinary curriculum. It is expected that participants will have the necessary professional competencies to design and teach the Life and Society curriculum in junior secondary schools.

On successful completion of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • demonstrate command and understanding of the Life and Society curriculum, and be able to apply this to teaching students with diversified ability and background, and in different secondary school settings;
  • exhibit pedagogical competence and professional knowledge both in theories and practice in planning and implementing the Life and Society curriculum;
  • utilize different generic skills (e.g. problem solving and critical thinking) in teaching and learning, and life-wide and life-long professional development;
  • critically analyze and reflect on their teaching experience and practice in the Life and Society curriculum so that they can articulate and evaluate their own theoretical perspective on teaching and learning; and
  • display commitments to teaching the Life and Society curriculum with professional attitude, and a global and multi-cultural perspective.

Programme Structure

The programme comprises of three courses and 9 credit points (cps) in total. The learning and teaching activities will comprise of academic core courses, field and service learning experiences, group works and case studies.

In 2020-21, the following three courses will be offered:

  • “Experiential and Service Learning” in Life and Society (3 cps)
    The course focuses on two particular learning and teaching strategies recommended in the curriculum of Life and Society, namely Experiential Learning and Service Learning. The course would focus on the processes of designing, implementing and evaluating teaching and learning activities adopted in experiential and service learning. Participants are expected to understand the rationale and concepts of the two teaching strategies and also the roles of teachers and the pedagogical skills involved in using the two strategies. This course will give participants opportunities to practice teaching and learning activities involved. Participants are expected to be actively involved in the hands-on practice of adopting the two strategies in teaching.

  • The Study & Pedagogy of “Social Systems and Citizenship” (3 cps)
    The course will cover the fundamental elements of the syllabus of Life and Society in the context of social systems and citizenship. It will examine the key composition and operation of the HKSAR executive authorities and legislature. It will also investigate issues of identity, rights and responsibilities of HKSAR residents. The course will also study the political system, way of life and quality of life in the mainland of China and other parts of the world. The concept of Chinese and global citizenship would also be examined.

  • Basic Law and “One Country, Two Systems” (3 cps)

    This course aims at enhancing the participants’ understanding of the Basic Law and the core principles underlying “One Country, Two Systems”, including “the HK Special Administrative Region (SAR) being an inalienable part of the People’s Republic of China”. With reference to relevant articles of the Chinese Constitution (which authorize the establishment of SARs), the Sino-British Joint Declaration, the Basic Law, the common law, and related political developments, this course enables participants to appreciate, first, the relationship between the Central Authorities and the HKSAR under the Basic Law, second, the implementation of the Basic Law since 1997, and third, the duties and rights of HKSAR residents stipulated therein.

*** This programme shall include new related learning elements related to such as Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area development and Hong Kong SAR as a smart city.

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction is mainly Chinese and will be supplemented by English where appropriate.

Programme Duration

The programme is offered once a year from 26 April to 29 May 2021.

Entrance Requirements

To be eligible for admission, applicants should be:

  1. in-service secondary school teachers; and
  2. recommended by school principals.

Priority of admission will be given to teachers who take care of relevant education or curriculum reform in schools or who are Panel Chairpersons of the related subjects.


To be awarded a Certificate of Completion, participants must obtain a pass in all assessment tasks required and successfully fulfill the attendance requirements as stipulated by the programme.

Other Information

This Government-funded programme is supported by the Education Bureau (EDB). Schools which release teachers to take this programme are eligible for supply teachers, if deemed necessary. Government and aided schools shall contact the EDB for detailed arrangements. Private and DSS schools shall make their own arrangements for the employment of supply teachers.

Participants who complete our PDPs are eligible to apply for credit transfer if they enroll in our postgraduate programmes. Their applications will be considered on an individual basis.