Undergraduate Programme Nominations Scheme 2019/20

Online Nomination Platform


The EdUHK Undergraduate Programme Nominations Scheme (The Scheme) aims to attract more young talent who aspire to develop their potential to the full and serve our school community. Our Scheme is different from the School Principal's Nominations (SPN) Scheme under JUPAS which is specially designed for schools to nominate students who have contributed to social services, or made outstanding achievements in non-academic areas such as sports, music, social services, other cultural activities, or who have demonstrated leadership abilities. Our Scheme is a deep collaboration with our school partners aimed at selecting students who are deemed suitable for becoming outstanding professional educators.

Since 2014/15, the Scheme has been expanded to accept nomination of students to our UGC-funded complementary programmes, i.e. BA/BSocSc programmes in response to some requests from our school partners that they wish to enjoy more flexibility in their nominations. Nevertheless, the key focus of the Scheme is still on the nomination of students who are suitable for joining the teaching profession.

The Scheme has been well-received since its inception in 2012/13 with over 1,000 nominations in each of the past years.