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EdUHK Entrance Scholarship

This Scholarship is especially established to attract F.6 DSE students with strong academic achievements and an aspiration to become professional teachers, to enrol in our teacher education degree programmes. The regular supply of high quality graduates into teaching will also help enhance the status and respect for the teaching profession, as well as upgrading the profile of the University and fulfilling the Government's commitment to build a quality teaching force.


To encourage students on pursuing excellence in all aspects of their college lives, various scholarships are offered to students with outstanding academic or leadership performance.


Bursary is provided to students with economic hardship so that they can concentrate on studying instead of rushing for part-time jobs.

Student Exchange and Immersion

To widen the perspective of students through exposure to other regions of different cultural background, the University would like to pursue opportunities of offering Exchange / Immersion studies to more students to enhance their language proficiency and professionalism in their subjects, e.g. Arts and Design / Physical Education / Special Education, etc.

You are most welcome to suggest any causes/projects which are beneficial to our University. Please feel free to share your idea with us.