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Please support "Regular Giving" Programme

EdUHK sincerely invites all alumni and friends of the University to sign up for the "Regular Giving" Programme to support whole person development of our students! Your support and care will contribute to the growth of students and the continuous advancement of the largest teacher education provider in Hong Kong!

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"Development Tree & Adopt-a-seat" Programme

EdUHK is committed to fostering qualities in the teachers and leaders of tomorrow that will enable them to meet the constantly changing demands of the 21st century. As a staunch supporter of EdUHK, your generous support will continue to help enhance the development of the University! Your contribution through the "Development Tree & Adopt-a-seat" Programme will be used in establishing scholarships and bursaries, enhancing teaching facilities and providing opportunities for student exchange to benefit our students.

Continue to support us and your concerted efforts will help brighten the future of EdUHK! Click here* to give support through the "Development Tree and Adopt-a-seat" Programme.


Last updated: May 2016