Training Bootcamps

INVESTED Program will offer 40 hours of training in total, comprising two semesters of 20 hours each.

2022 Ideation Bootcamp

Date: 12 & 13 November 2022 (Sat & Sun)
Time: 10am- 5pm, including networking lunch.
Day Topic Content

Day 1

12 Nov 2022 (Sat)
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Dr. Fridolin Ting (Senior Lecturer I)
Mr. Chris Lo (Co-founder and Chairman of Immune Materials Limited)
– What is innovation?
– How to be an innovator and entrepreneur?
Idea Generation and Design Thinking
Dr. Fridolin Ting (Senior Lecturer I)
– Identify right problem with market potential
– How to develop your minimum viable product (MVP) based on customer behavior?
Idea Pitch
Dr. Fridolin Ting (Senior Lecturer I)
– How to create a pitch deck?
– What should be included in a pitch deck?

Day 2

13 Nov 2022 (Sun)
Team Formation
Mr. Edwin Li (Business Development Manager, DeepHealth)
– Group sharing and discussion
– Short pitching among teams and talents
Business Model and Efficiency

Prof. Jack Poon (Professor of Practice, Entrepreneurial Finance, PolyU)
– Overview of business model
Founders Sharing
Mr. Alex Cheng (Co-Founder and General Partner, Ooosh Tech Lab)
Mr. Kendall Lo (CEO and Co-Founder, Kazoo Technology)
Mr. Eric Au Yeung (Co-Founder, IT Wake Limited)
– How founders came up with their start-up idea?
– What are the biggest challenges they faced in their start-up journey?
– How they tackle the problems and challenges?
Teams Consultation – Meet the entrepreneurship consultants


2023 Implementation Bootcamp

Date: 28 & 29 January 2023 (Sat & Sun)
Time: 10am- 5pm
Day Topic Content

Day 1

28 Jan 2023 (Sat)
Team Dynamics
Speaker: Dr. Fridolin Ting (Senior Lecturer I)
– What are the elements to become a successful team?
– How to form a successful team?
Market Research: Why and How
Speaker: Mr. Moses MoYung (Manager of Entrepreneurship, HKSTP)
– How to validate your start-up idea?
– How to do market research?
– Case studies
Marketing Strategy
Speaker: Prof. David L.K. KO (Professor of Practice (Marketing), PolyU)
– How to know your customers and competitors?
– How to define a suitable market strategy?
– Case studies

Day 2

29 Jan 2023 (Sun)
Financial Projection and Project Management
Speaker: Mr. Alex So (Group Managing Partner, FastLane Group)
– What is revenue model?
– How to do financial projection?
– What is project management?
Pitching Skills and Demo
Speaker: Dr. Fridolin Ting (Senior Lecturer I)
– How to deliver a good pitch to your target audience?
– What is storytelling?