Student Sharing

SIU YEUNG CHUN Winter Camp 2016 by Harbin Institute of Technology

In this Harbin learning tour, the most important and unforgettable memory was the friendship that I had made. In this tour, participants included students from the University of Hong Kong, Harbin Institute of Technology and also our university. We could make new friends and exchange the thoughts and cultures with one another. Although it was just a very short trip, I believe the friendship will last for a long time.

NG KA YI Winter Programme 2016 by Tsinghua University

Through this exchange program, I have learnt different cultures and knowledge about Bejing from the professors in Tsinghua University. Moreover, this program helped me a lot in improving my language and communication skills.

KWOK YUET YAT Summer Programme 2015 by Southwest University

I was greatly inspired by the teachers and students from the Southwest University. They were role models for me to understand the role of being a teacher and the importance of providing good education for students. I was glad to have the opportunity to visit Southwest University and to make friends with the student volunteers.

WONG WAN SHAN Summer Programme 2015 by Harbin Institute of Technology

It is a great opportunity to meet more new friends from different universities and countries. I have learnt a lot about the technology and development of China as well as the culture of Russia. It is also a great chance for my personal growth development as I become more independent and sociable.

CHOW OI TING Summer Programme 2015 by National Chengchi University

My visit to NCCU is really nice, I get to know different people from other parts of the world, to discover more about taiwan apart from my personal visits and to experience different teaching and learning culture from Taiwan. The courses I took in NCCU summer school are not really education-related yet they are all my interested areas, which allows me to explore the world beyond education and I believe it can enrich my life experiences and memories that I can share with my students in my teaching in the near future.