日期 2019 年 1 月 26 日 (星期六)

4:00 - 4:30pm (课程讲座设於四楼)
2:00 - 5:00pm (课程谘询设於一楼)

地点 九龙塘达之路 78 号生产力大楼一楼及四楼 (九龙塘港铁站 C1 或 H 出口)

按此 登记课程讲座


I qualified as a speech therapist in Singapore after passing the qualifying examination in Speech-Language Therapy in 2016.  I now practise in a private clinic in Singapore, serving primarily paediatric population. The progdramme laid down a solid theoretical framework of different areas of speech therapy.  Most importantly, it equipped me with a toolkit for evidence-based practice.  From theory to practice, I gained hands-on experience from a wide range of clients ranging from pediatric to geriatric care.


To learn more about Tiago's update, please visit https://www.eduhk.hk/sec/en/highlights.php?s=news_event&id=3328
Tiago Chan,
Alumnus,  MScESLPLD
Speech Therapist


·         本港首个结合「言语及语言病理学」和「学习障碍」的硕士课程,提供全面的专业知识和实务训练,培育新一代言语及语言病理学家(言语治疗师)

·         课程获香港言语治疗师公会全面认可 (HKIST, www.hkist.org.hk )毕业生符合资格申请成为香港卫生署认可语治疗师名册成员

·         课程参照美国言语、语言及听力学会 (ASHA, www.asha.org) 的标准设计,并按教学环境及华人地区的需要加入额外的训练元素

·         课程结构以「言语及语言病理学」及「学习障碍」两轴为基础,配合当代研究和循证为本的实践,强调反思和探究,给予学员独特、创新和全面的培训

·         专为课程而设的教习单位配备先进设施供教研、诊治和小区服务之用

·         提供实习机会,由本港及邻近地区拥专业资格的言语及语言病理学家出任导师

·         课程由本院特殊教育与辅导学系管理,该学系为国际语言及语音矫正学会 (IALP, www.ialp.info) 于中国的唯一地区团体会员

·        学员有机会参与年度欧洲言语治疗夏季课程










1. 申请人须持有认可的学士学位 及/或深造文凭,曾修读教育或与心理学、语言学、言语及听觉科学有关课程的人士可获优先考虑

2. 若申请人持有的入学资格由非英语地区的院校颁发,一般须符合以下任何一项英语水准的最低要求:

  • 「雅思」(IELTS)六分;或
  • 「普通中学教育文凭」(GCSE)/「普通教育文凭」考试普通程度(GCE O-level)英文科C级或以上成绩 ;或
  • 「托福」(TOEFL)五百五十分(纸笔测验)八十分或(网路化测验);或
  • ​「大学英语六级考试」(CET-6) (如在二零零五年六月後应考,总分不少於四百三十分);或
  • 其他同等资格

3. 申请人须符合下列其中一项的中国语文能力要求:

  • 香港中学文凭考试中国语文科考获第三级或以上成绩;或
  • 香港中学会考中国语文科考获E级或以上成绩;或
  • 香港高级程度会考高级补充程度中国语文及文化科考获E级或以上成绩。
  • 持有其他同等学历的申请者,将获个别考虑。

4. 申请人必须能操流利粤语



After graduating I work as a speech therapist at an NGO.  I am now responsible for reaching out to different kindergartens to help the preschoolers overcome their communication and speech problems.

The most unforgettable moment was when a child greeted me using a full sentence after a summer vacation.  Just one year ago he was not able to say even a single word.  After going through therapy his improvement was incredible.

At University, I had amazing placement opportunities.  I met an elderly woman who had swallowing difficulties. Although I tried many different treatment approaches with her, I made very little progress.  My supervisor, Ms Esther Kwok helped me think through other possible causes; how was her everyday eating habits, if she could manage to swallow her medicine, whether she had family support, and whether she is receiving the necessary nutritional intake based on her current diet?

I find it incredibly meaningful to help those in need, especially during the difficult times of their lives.  It means a lot to the clients as well as their families. I think the strongest attribute of this programme is that it addresses those with learning disabilities. Working at an NGO that emphasizes holistic care, I have to work with educational psychologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, social workers and special child care workers.  This programme prepared me with a collaborative mindset so that I can customize the best therapeutic plan for my clients.

The knowledge and skills are highly transferrable internationally. I passed the clinical certification examination for Speech-language and Audiology Canada. This means I am also qualified to practice as a speech language pathologist in Canada.

Jessica Huen


Speech Therapist



I am sure all MScESLPLD students find practicum most challenging but also most fulfilling.  I loved the chance to help a wide range of clients at the Hospital Authority and various NGOs, from children to adults to the elderly. I served clients with swallowing difficulties, speech problems, and students with special educational needs.  Every client is unique, as well as their family. With help from my supervisors, I approached each individual in a unique way. My supervisor Ms Polly Lau was  instrumental to how approached this.

I had a great summer as I was given the chance to join a Speech Language Therapy Summer School in Italy.  Our team won the Best Paper Poster Presentation Award out of the 21 participating universities from Europe, America and Asia.  We demonstrated a unique way to teach Cantonese, to pay attention to the six contrastive lexical tones of Cantonese.

Zandra Mok

Year 2 Student, MScESLPLD