PSY6048 Advanced Seminar in Contemporary Research in Psychology

In this seminar-based course, students will learn about current research issues in different areas of psychology. Through exposure to recent research and debates, this course will train students to become expert consumers of new research, and able to interpret and apply research published in refereed journals to current real-life issues. Five psychology researchers will present their recent research with particular focus on the scientific process, and facilitate student discussion of recent research articles and their application to real life. Students will learn how researchers in different areas of psychology identify gaps in the literature, design a study, and evaluate results of studies. Students will engage in analysis and discussion with the researcher and classmates, thus enhancing their ability to critically analyze current research and how it may inform issues in the Hong Kong or Greater China context. Finally, through discussion and writing, students will integrate published research and their real-life experience to suggest new insights into both current research and social issues, and identify possible future research directions.