ALL undergraduate students of EdUHK are welcome to join.

ePortfolio at EdUHK

ePortfolio was implemented to offer a platform for you to document, manage and reflect upon your own learning during your study at EdUHK. Hence, you are encouraged to refer to the Generic Intended Learning Outcomes (GILOs) to reflect on your learning and GILOs development when you build your ePortfolios.
Most of you have done a great job building the ePortfolios. To further promote the creation of ePortfolio at EdUHK, and to encourage you to build an even more organized ePortfolio with evidences showing your learning process and outcomes with integration of GILOs, Student ePortfolio Award will be launched again in September 2018. We welcome all undergraduate students to join the competition. If you have some nice ePortfolio pages, join the ePortfolio Award 2018/19, and win the fabulous prizes!
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About the Award

The Student ePortfolio Award is organized by the Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology (LTTC) and co-organized by Global Affairs Office (GAO), General Education Office (GEO), Student Affairs Office (SAO) and School Partnership and Field Experience Office (SPFEO) of The Education University of Hong Kong, with the objectives to:

  • Promote the use of ePortfolios at EdUHK, and
  • Engage students to manage, monitor, reflect upon, and showcase their own learning with ePortfolios.

We will also provide you with workshops and online resources to guide you to use ePortfolio to document and monitor your learning. Blended learning courses on GILOs will also be arranged to let you know more about GILOs and the GILO Rubrics, so you can incorporate your GILO development in the ePortfolio. (Remember: GILO is an essential part of the selection criteria!)

ePortfolio Selection


GILO-related Reflection

  • In-depth reflection in relation to GILOs
  • Description of learning activities, personal learning objectives and personal growth
  • Insightful viewpoints and interpretations with supporting examples or relevant references
  • Plans for improvement included to envision a future self


Layout, Organization & Artifacts

  • Consistent design of layout and organization
  • Creative design features (e.g., font style, page headings, illustrations etc.)
  • Relevant artifacts (e.g., digital files, graphics, multimedia etc.) with labels included as learning evidences



  • A personalized ePortfolio with profile picture, self-description and learning goals
  • The ePortfolio demonstrates the learning process and outcomes on the specific area(s) of study (e.g. major courses, co-curricular courses, field experience, exchange program and Internship).
  • An easy-to-read and inspiring ePortfolio as a whole


ALL full-time undergraduate students of EdUHK are welcome to join the Award, and the Award is divided into two streams depending on the area your ePortfolio is focused on.

  • Stream 1: ePortfolio focusing on overseas exchange, and co-curricular, service learning activities
  • Stream 2: GECC ePortfolio supplemented with Field Experience or Internship


Link for submission will be available in December 2018, and don’t forget to submit before deadline!


Judging Procedures and Prizes

Submissions from 151 students were received within the submission period in December 2018 and January 2019. After three rounds of evaluation conducted by the ePortfolio team of LTTC and the judging panel formed by eight representatives from GAO, GEO, SAO and SPFEO, two Outstanding Awardees, three Merit Awardees, and 25 Judges’ List Awardees from each stream were identified:


Prizes for each stream

  • 2 Outstanding Awardees : $1,000 book coupon with certificate
  • 3 Merit Awardees : $500 book coupon with certificate
  • 25 Judges' List Awardees : $50 book coupon with certificate

Outstanding Award

Stream 1: Stream 2:
CHAN, YIN YU (*****429) PANG, HIN SHUN (*****176)
CHEN, YUNQIAO (*****703) WANG, HAIQIAO (*****739)

Merit Award

Stream 1: Stream 2:
LEE, KA YING (*****842) CHAN, YAU YU (*****140)
OR, SIU YIN (*****830) LAM, WAI YING (*****551)
SKY, CLARKE (*****974) XIAN, RUIXI (*****610)

Judges’ List Award

Stream 1: Stream 2:
Chan, Chung Man (*****417) Chan, Cheuk Hin Bowie (*****757)
Chan, Hin Yau (*****508) Chan, Hiu Ching (*****287)
Cheng, Pui Pui (*****763) Chen, He Gao (*****180)
Chung, Ka Po (*****396) Chen, Xi (*****178)
Chung, Yuen Tung (*****055) Fu, Wai Kwan (*****329)
Heung, Chun Man (*****315) Ho, Wing Lam (*****784)
Ho, Wai Hang (*****268) Hon, Man Na (*****228)
Hui, Pui Yau (*****211) Lam, Wai Yan (*****285)
Janice Ng, Wing Yee (*****443) Lau, Ching Shun Katharos (*****048)
Lam, Wing Ho (*****534) Lee, Sze Ngo (*****123)
Lee, Chun Fan (*****827) Ling, Rui (*****557)
Lei, Yuchen (*****650) Liu, Yujia (*****804)
Liang, Ruixi (*****543) Lo, Yuen Yi (*****554)
Ma, Shu Ki (*****581) Ng, Tsz Ning (*****178)
Ng, Ching Man (*****182) Shum, Chung Yan (*****154)
Ng, Kam Ling (*****602) Tse, Kwan Yan (*****300)
Ng, Lok Yi (*****384) Wong, Cheuk Yiu (*****312)
Sun, Zhuo Fan (*****157) Wong, Oi Lam (*****849)
To, Hiu Kei (*****804) Wong, Yik Han (*****862)
Tsang, Yuk Chui (*****168) Xie, Lijie (*****517)
Wong, Ka Yan (*****273) Xiong, Zhe (*****830)
Wong, Wai Yan (*****492) Yau, Shuk Yi (*****713)
Woo, Kar Yee (*****466) Yau, Wai Lam Charlene (*****869)
Wu, Jiali (*****322) Yuan, Jiamin (*****531)
Yeung, Kam Yan Maria Grazia (*****071) Yuen, Wai Lam (*****379)

The prizes for Outstanding and Merit Awardees will be distributed at the Conference Day of Learning & Teaching @ EdUHK Festival (24 May 2019).

More details of receiving the prizes will be emailed to the students on the list above.

Special thanks for the great efforts contributed by the judging panel formed by eight representatives from GAO, GEO, SAO and SPFEO. It has been a challenging period to determine the awards as many of the submissions are of high quality.


Judging Panel

Stream 1

Stream 2

Miss Ada CHAU Sui Man

Dr Tammy CHAN-TAM Mei Nga

Mr Tommy LAW Ying Lun

Mr Kevin KAM Wai Keung

Mr Esmond WONG Ka Yiu

Ms Valeria LI Hiu Nam

Dr Flora YU Wai Ming

Mr Raymond YUEN Tze Leung

All contestants, and together with the judging panel, have made the Award successful. Thank you for the kind support for the Award.