Community Service

Community Service

We have established strong links with educators around the world to promote quality early childhood education.

We engage in a wide range of knowledge transfer and community engagement activities.

Our department staff are regularly invited by Hong Kong kindergartens and child care centers to serve as consultants for school development projects and to run professional development seminars and workshops.

We actively participate in international forums, public seminars, workshops and academic exchange activities with local and overseas academics.


ECE Newsletters

ECE have been committed to exchanging up-to-date knowledge with the community. To keep the field posted on our research and teaching activities, four issues of Chinese newsletters will be sent to over 900 local preschools in 2015-2016, a new initiative to further strengthen our connections with the public. Also included in these newsletters are features on how academic research conducted by ECE colleagues may inform everyday practices, such as in teaching and parenting, school management, and home-school collaboration. Our goal is to translate research into a language that makes sense to the public, so that local teachers will be able to take advantage of the most recent findings to direct their work. We believe we have the social responsibility to move forward with the field: Knowledge exchanges between us and the community will benefit children the most in the long run!

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