Gateways to Leading Learning
APCLC-HKPI Monograph Series

We are pleased to introduce this new series of monographs as part of the ongoing collaboration between the APCLC and the Hong Kong Principals' Institute (HKPI). Both organizations are focused on promoting deeper understanding of school leadership through innovative research and to improved leadership practice in schools. We believe that working partnerships between organizations such as ours provide fertile tracts within which ways to more successful leadership can be explored, tested, practiced and disseminated in ways that neither partner can achieve individually. We hope that you enjoy reading the monograph and that it in some way helps you reflect on what you do as a leader, regardless of where that is.

Monograph Editors:
Allan Walker
Joseph Lau Chair Professor of International Educational Leadership
Dean, Faculty of Education and Human Development
Director, The Joseph Lau Luen Hung Charitable Trust
Asia Pacific Centre for Leadership and Change
The Education University of Hong Kong

Anissa Chan
Chair, Hong Kong Principals' Institute

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