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APCLC Directors win EDB Mainland China-HK Principal Professional Development Grant

Prof. Allan Walker and Dr. Qian Haiyan are awarded the competitive EDB Mainland China-HK principal professional development grant in developing and executing leader learning programme for principals in Mainland China and HK in 2017/18. The programme aims to enable leaders:

  To acquire in-depth and comprehensive understanding on school-based curriculum development in Hong Kong;
  To equip with up-to-date knowledge on school development and accountability framework in Hong Kong;
  To develop skills in promoting STEM Education in schools with reference to good practices in Hong Kong;
  To facilitate professional growth and development with the updated set of professional standards for teachers and principals in Hong Kong.

Other than the formal learning sessions, school leaders from Mainland China and Hong Kong will also visit the PLK Laws Foundation College and the CMA Sun Kei Secondary School.