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2017/18 APCLC Scholar Practitioner Award
Call for Nominations

Deadline: FEBRUARY 4, 2018

The APCLC is pleased to announce the call for nominations for the 2017/18 APCLC Scholar Practitioner Award. The 2017/18 APCLC Scholar Practitioner Award honors the outstanding contributions, distinguished service, and professional excellence grounded in theory and research of educators in the pursuit of school improvement and the betterment of student learning in HK and beyond.

The APCLC Scholar-practitioner Awardee(s) in education leadership and change are educators or professionals who acquire excellence in one or more of the following:

(1) application of theory or research to practice and/or contribution to knowledge through extraction of learning from practice;
(2) authoring scholarly works which have substantively affected the practice of management;
(3) integration of research and practice;
(4) production of work that is respected by peers (both practitioner and academic) and / or specific contributions to the transfer of knowledge.

The awardees may be or have been executives, authors, academics, consultants or school leaders. But, the emphasis of this award is on the scholar-practitioner- whose sense of inquiry and pursuit of knowledge have risen above just doing to using practice-based learning to influence theory and research-based theory to influence practice. More importantly, they lead school improvement for the betterment of student outcomes, as evidenced by:

Providing support of the interests of the APCLC in line with its mission and vision;
Promoting the importance of leader learning and development for sustainable change in school systems of the APCLC;
Fostering professional learning networks and links between the APCLC and the community; and
Providing outstanding contributions, distinguished service and professional excellence grounded in theory and research in the pursuit of school improvement and betterment of student learning in APCLC’s leader learning endeavours..

To nominate someone for the APCLC Scholar-practitioner Award, complete the form and send / email to the APCLC that specifically describes the person's accomplishments in relation to the award criteria along with a copy of the nominee's resume. The Committee may subsequently request additional information from the nominator and/or nominee.

The recipient/s will be recognized at the annual APCLC "Prize Presentation" held in APCLC School Principal Forum and is expected to accept the award in person.

All nominations will be treated confidentially by the APCLC Award committee. Each nomination will be reviewed carefully by a six-member committee composed of Director and Associate Directors of APCLC, one secondary / special school educator or experienced principal and an experienced primary school educator / professional. The announcement of Scholar-practitioner Awardee(s) is made in mid-March 2018.

Nominator(s) will be notified of the final decision. Only those awardee(s) selected will be notified by the APCLC.

Please direct any questions regarding the nomination process to .